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The BBF is literally the Best Bag Forever! It fits perfectly at the back of the wheelchair without making me feel uncomfortable or heavy. The BBF is not only handy for me but also creates easier access for my carers belongings, allowing her hands to be free to push the wheelchair. I love my BBF, it has become my BFF!”

Jayd Dell

Social Media Manager

My bag is still rocking the wheelchair. It’s literally stuck to it. It is one of the best items I have purchased since my disability kicked in. After all this time, no issues. The quality is incredible.  The material is so durable, the rain just runs off of it and super easy to clean. I will always be grateful to you guys for always trying to improve it for me. I’ve had tons of people ask me about it and was proud to give them your information.”

Robert Myberg

Supportive Friend

I don’t know about other wheelchair users but I need an everyday bag. I need it because I live on my own and I misplace things if it’s not all kept in one place. I’ll lose my arms if it wasn’t attached to my body. Either at home or when I’m out, it’s a challenge. Cost-effectiveness and simplicity is not a given when purchasing a presentable disabled-friendly receptacle. Ha! To find a practical and suitable one in a world designed with the whims of able-bodied persons in mind is like trying to find a haystack in a needle’s eye. You can’t just go to any retail store and buy something tailor-made and wheelchair service providers don’t give you enough choice either. This was just the stark reality until I heard of Smergos. I bought my first customised Sidekick bag from them about two years ago and I only ordered another one recently. I used my first one almost every day including wet conditions, the outdoors and in nature and it’s still in good condition apart from slight fading. So I’ll use the new one for smart wear and the older one when I’m travelling, going to a concert or other more rugged experiences. Their prices are very affordable, the quality of the material is good and their service is outstanding. Give them a try even if you aren’t disabled!”

Marinus Mans

Rock Enthusiast

I use a powerchair and the raincoat poncho I ordered from Smergos is custom made and fits over me and the mechanics of the chair, keeping all of us dry. It is easy to put on, tough and attractive. Ordering through Smergos is a breeze – I highly recommend them.”

Erik Andersen

Java Developer

I’m the Founder and CEO of the Emilie Olifant Foundation. I purchased a custom-made cup holder from Smergos last year because as someone who’s always out and about, it’s convenient for me to be able to carry my drink with me while o wheel around when mingling.

You attach the cup to your wheelchair and can wheel without worrying that your drink will spill. The cup makes life so easy. I just attach it to my wheelchair and my drink stays on. I love it.”

Emilie Olifant

Founder Emilie Olifant Foundation