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S-Cool (R349.99)

s cool bagWe created the S-Cool to carry textbooks, notebooks, laptops, files, stationery and more. It is specifically designed with wheelchair users in mind – which makes it a far better choice than a backpack.

Use it at school, college and university, in PE class and on school trips - S-Cool fits onto the back of a wheelchair with loops that slip over the handles and an adjustable Velcro strap that fit around the back of the wheelchair seat. The strap is covered with a light cushioned flap incorporating a small, concealed pocket where smaller, more valuable items can be kept.

There is also a pencil case in the front of the bag with a clear, plastic cover under which name tags, timetables and so on can be slipped.

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Key benefits

  • Greater mobility, convenience, comfort, security
  • Frees-up hands
  • Improves self-confidence by equipping users to become more self-reliant while taking responsibility for their own belongings
  • Reduces social pressures by giving users greater independence
  • When displaying a school emblem, the bag instils a sense school pride and belonging


  • 41cm x 33cm x 12cm
  • Velcro-adjustable strap around back of the wheelchair seat: minimum length 25cm; maximum length 60cm

Material strengths

  • Water resistant, colour-fast, durable
  • Removable 2mm Masonite board at the bottom of the bag provides additional support and prevents book corners from fraying as they do in standard backpacks


  • Black and navy blue

Weight Notification

  • Smergos wheelchair bags are designed to be practical, functional and attractive. They’re made using durable, hard-wearing materials that can withstand the needs of a busy lifestyle. But please remember: if you weight it, you will break it. The S-Cool Bag can take up to 7kgs in weight. Please don’t overload the bag when packing.

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Product Technical Specifications

  • Name of material: 600D PU
  • Material made up of: Polyurethane
  • Colours available in: Black and navy
  • Material advantages: Material is up to 80% water resistant. Colour fast. Durable
  • Material used for the straps: Polyprop Webbing
  • Material used for the straps made up of: Polypropothane
  • Adjustable strap diameter: 25cm - 60cm
  • Material used for inner bottom of the bag: Masonite 2mm
  • Type of zip used: Plastic Y2K (Thick)
  • Advantages of using specified zip: Does not strip like the metal zips. Durable. Cost effective
  • Material used on the front of the pencil case: Clear plastic, heavy duty fabric protector 1mm
  • Clips used on the straps: Loop and hook hard plastic clip 38 mm
  • Dimensions of the bag: 41cm x 33cm x 12cm

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