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BBF (from R399.99)

bbfWe created the Best Bag Forever – or BBF – to carry a wide range of personal belongings, from laptops and groceries, to clothes and medical supplies. Use it at work or the gym, when you are shopping or socialising.

BBF fits onto the back of a wheelchair with loops that slip over the handles and an adjustable Velcro strap that fits around the back of the wheelchair seat to prevent it from swinging to and fro on inclines.

The strap is covered with a light cushioned flap incorporating a concealed, wide-zipped pocket that holds important items such as documents etc.

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Key benefits

  • Greater mobility, convenience, comfort, security
  • Frees-up hands
  • Improves organisation
  • Projects a professional image


  • 41cm x 33cm x 10cm
  • Velcro-adjustable strap around back of wheelchair seat: minimum 25cm length; maximum length 60cm

Material strengths

  • Water resistant, colour-fast, durable


  • Black, navy blue

Weight Notification

  • Smergos wheelchair bags are designed to be practical, functional and attractive. They’re made using durable, hard-wearing materials that can withstand the needs of a busy lifestyle. But please remember: if you weight it, you will break it. The BBF (Best Bag Forever) can take up to 7kgs in weight. Please don’t overload the bag when packing.

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Product Technical Specifications

  • Name of material: 600D PU
  • Material made up of: Polyurethane
  • Colours available in: Black, navy and dark beige
  • Material advantages: Material is up to 80% water resistant. Colour fast. Durable
  • Material used for the straps: Polyprop Webbing
  • Material used for the straps made up of: Polypropothane
  • Adjustable stap diameter: 25cm - 60cm
  • Type of zip used: Plastic Y2K (Thick)
  • Advantages of using specified zip: Does not strip like the metal zips. Durable. Cost effective
  • Clips used on the straps: Loop and hook hard plastic clip 38 mm
  • Dimensions of the bag: 41cm x 33cm x 10cm

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