Inspiring Motion In the Workplace Through A Disability Awareness & Inclusion Program

Smergos, in collaboration with Celebrating Humanity International (CHI) and The Pivot Point recently embarked on a journey of transformation with a large multi-national software company. The objective was for the company to become more inclusive and successfully integrate people with disabilities. We began our disability awareness and inclusion program with an online panel discussion introducing the topic and highlighting its importance. This was made available to all of their 1 000+ staff. A pre-training survey was then conducted to gauge employees’ existing awareness and understanding of disability, as well as their own level of comfort with disclosure. Multiple, intimate training sessions followed for managers and employees, in which our 2 expert facilitators with disabilities, Nick Smit from Smergos and Tyron Harding from The Pivot Point, informed and engaged participants on a range of topics and activities related to disability.

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The multi-national software company launched a dedicated hub on their intranet dedicated to promoting disability awareness and inclusion. On a regular basis, we, together with other key people with disabilities, upload both original and curated content onto the hub which helps to shift mindsets, debunk misconceptions and encourage empathy. 

In the coming months, we’ll set in motion more in-depth Quantitative and Qualitative interviews with staff following the training sessions, activate a PWD (People with disabilities) Champions program and begin the process of compiling a unique case study. 

Our aim is not come into an organization, conduct training and move on. In the true essence of our slogan – Inspiring Motion – the real impact and value occurs long-term. We have developed a sustainability model with step-by-step guides, manager toolkits, research and development strategies, social media campaigns and other tailor-made components.

It has been an incredibly rewarding experience to work so closely with the multi-national software company, see them embrace people with disabilities and change lives through challenging the status quo and creating employment opportunities.

Are you ready to join the movement and inspire motion in your company?