Wigital is a digital communication organisation focussing on the creation of content, and platforms for that content, that serves to close the gap between various communities within South Africa, as well as globally. Wigital specialises the facilitation of this communication within the social innovation, disability empowerment and education space.

The QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) provides projects, products and services for quadriplegics and paraplegics in South Africa. QASA’s vision is for all quadriplegics and paraplegics to live their lives to their full potential.

For more information on QASA’s projects, please visit their website and keep up-to-date on QASA’s activities on Facebook.

”Disability Info South Africa” (DISA)

“Unlocking The Shackles Of Your Disability Using The Key Of Knowledge”

”Disability Info South Africa” (DISA), has been developed as a “Free One Stop Information Service” for persons with disabilities and their families, who are looking for information, services and products that can help them. “Disability Info South Africa” was started by Alan Downey in 2015 and officially launched in 2017, it consists of 4 sections including an Information Web Site; 6 Different Search Facilities; A Free Telephone and E-mail Service and 2 Facebook  Pages that not only share information but also promote events, organizations & activities that are available in South Africa.

The services that they provide and the information supplied on their Web Site are provided free of charge, through the assistance from various Companies, Sports Clubs and Organizations that support them through advertising or by making a donation.

For more information on DISA, please visit their website and keep up-to-date on their Facebook pages, Disability Info South Africa and Disability Info South Africa Group.

The Rare Bear Project is a joint initiative between Rare Diseases South Africa and KyaKids, a community project run by Bryanston Bible Church.

The ladies from the Kya Sands community wanted to learn to crochet and KyaKids offered a skills clinic – thus the rare bears came into being. These ladies give each bear a unique touch by choosing their favourite colours and features.

The rare bears are given to those living with a rare disease/condition.