Inspiring motion towards a more inclusive, accessible, and empathetic world.

We’re on a mission to break down barriers and build bridges between those with and without disabilities.

Imagine a world...

Where everyone is empowered and given an equal opportunity, in which people support each other and are motivated by empathy, driven by the desire to make a difference, where quality of life is a priority and not an afterthought.

At Smergos, we are committed to turning this vision into a reality.

Meet the team

Nick Smit


When in trouble, Nicholas. A teacher by profession and passion, an inspirational speaker, a serial entrepreneur, and a salsa dancer. When not teaching Maths, Nick is either running Smergos with Nicole, inspiring audiences through his public speaking, leading his tutoring company Straight A Tutors, or hanging out with Nikki and their two dogs.

Nicole Vergos


Motivated by change and faith in a more inclusive world, Nicole is always on the move. She’s the co-founder of Smergos with Nick, as well as an award-winning market researcher. More recently she’s pursuing an independent path to leverage the power of research to inspire social change. When not listening to podcasts, you can find her having a laugh and connecting with people through active listening.

Bronwyn Peake

Bronwyn is a PhD graduate and inclusion specialist with a keen focus on successfully integrating people with disabilities into the workplace. She has the knowledge and EQ to help people reach their full potential. She is also a remedial therapist, teacher and lecturer.

Tyron Harding

A trauma focused inspirational speaker and disability inclusion advocate. Through public speaking, training and facilitation, Tyron educates and enlightens people about disability inclusion and rights.

Our values

Turn challenges into opportunities

We choose not to let external conditions control our internal states. We strive to live empowered, independent, and awesome lives.

Embody empathy

We achieve change by connecting and working closely with our community, partners, clients and beneficiaries to ensure we are meeting their actual needs, and never assumed ones.

Learn by moving

We believe that the foundations of progress lay in motion. Staying still is not an option for us. We commit to continuous leaning, growing, and creating together.

Our awards


Joint 2nd place SAB Foundation Disability Empowerment Award winners.


We were accepted into the YGap International Incubator Programme.


4th of 66 participants at the Prosperity Games, hosted by the UK Department of International Trade, and were awarded the company with the biggest potential for impact prize.


Most Impactful Presentation and Best First Time Speaker at SAMRA (SA Market Research Association) - Nicole.